AAG Mainz e. V.: Kleinplanet Baumann
Astronomische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mainz e. V.

(3683) Baumann

1987 MA. Discovered 1987 June 23 by W. Landgraf at La Silla.

Named in honor of Paul Baumann (1901-1976) and his wife Helene (1899-1986). An amateur astronomer since 1959, Baumann founded the astronomical association (1961) and public observatory (1962) in Mainz, was involved in the establishment of several other associations in this area and was well known throughout Germany and in many other countries. Baumann was also a member of the first parliament of Rheinland-Pfalz (1947-1951) and for a long time a member of the Mainz city council. The Baumann family were good friends of the father of the discoverer for several decades. (M 12459)


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